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What happens if I continue to play or perform music without a licence, or without paying the applicable fees?


It’s your responsibility to ensure that you are properly licensed for any music use taking place at your business or organisation.

Playing or performing music without the appropriate licence could amount to copyright infringement. If we have reason to believe that you are using copyright music without an appropriate licence, then we may collect evidence.

When taking out TheMusicLicence from PPL PRS Ltd, your rights and obligations are set out in the TheMusicLicence Terms and Conditions, including your obligation to pay a royalty and to provide us with information required under the applicable tariff to assist us in calculating that royalty.

If any payments under the licence become overdue, we will contact you by post, email or telephone. If appropriate, we may refer the account to our enforcement team or a debt collection agency. In some cases we may even terminate your licence, which may then lead to legal action for copyright infringement.

More information is available in TheMusicLicence Terms and Conditions.

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