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Will the amount I pay for my licence change as a result of switching to TheMusicLicence?


PPL and PRS for Music have launched TheMusicLicence to make music licensing simpler for their customers, but they continue to set their respective licensing tariffs separately from each other.

Those tariffs are then applied by PPL PRS Ltd when issuing TheMusicLicence to customers. PPL and PRS for Music will each continue to review the cost of their respective tariffs from time to time, but the launch of TheMusicLicence has not in itself affected the costs under those tariffs.

If you already had both licences, then the amount you will pay will not change as a result of switching to TheMusicLicence (though it may be slightly different from what you paid previously to reflect changes in usages and any adjustments provided for by the applicable PRS for Music and PPL tariffs).

However, some businesses or organisations may have previously only purchased one of these two licences (either from PPL or PRS for Music) even where they legally required both licences. If this applies to you, then it is likely that TheMusicLicence will cost more than you paid before, as it will give you the legal permission you need (but did not previously have) from both PPL and PRS for Music.

View the tariffs and find out more about how the cost is calculated.

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