Commonwealth Games

Second only to the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games have been a staple of our competitive nature since 1930. Held only once every four years, the unique, world-class sporting event is nearly upon us, so is it any wonder why we’re making a big deal of it?

With over one million tickets sold1 and 22 sports being played , including three multi-disciplinary sports and a further seven para-sports, there’s something for everyone. Fans will be spoilt for choice and the figures confirm it with an estimated 35 million viewers2 tuning in to watch the games this year!

With so much hype around the 2022 Commonwealth Games being held in Birmingham, the real question is ‘how can you make the most of it at work?’

3 ways to make the most out of the Commonwealth Games

1. Sounds like team spirit

Sport can play a significant part in connecting and bringing us together, and hosting a sports day at work could be a great way to inject some fun, increase your team’s morale and encourage some friendly competition between employees! Of course, this need not be your everyday egg and spoon race, but a Commonwealth Games inspired sports day.

With the games having such a wide variety of sports, there are a host of activities you can incorporate into your day. From Table Tennis to Volleyball, there is something for all and no matter your physical capabilities you can create an inclusive day for all your team to enjoy.

Furthermore, did you know The Commonwealth Games is also referred to as the ‘Friendly Games’? The event is well-known for inspiring athletes to uphold the values of sportsmanship and compete in the spirit of friendship and fair play – all qualities we want our teams to have and to project whilst in the workplace.

2. Similar beat, different tune

Waste not, want not. Following the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, many of us find ourselves with surplus patriotic paraphernalia.

Instead of binning or sending these items to landfill, why not create Union with the Jack and reuse your decorations? This is a great, cost-effective way to show your support and get in the spirit of the games.

3. Play music

Playing music during the games could help to inspire a collective spirit. A unified workplace is a happy workplace and whether you’re in retail, hospitality or in the office; playing background music is the perfect accompaniment to viewing sport.

As mentioned in our insights article “How music benefits training and sports performance” by Marianne Rizkallah, the properties of music – rhythm, tempo, pitch, volume can influence athletes when training – this could also be said about our viewing experiences.


Music is important. Any sporting event that you go to, music plays a part. The music can really get the fans going, it can also get the players going too.”

Rob Paternostro, head coach of the Leicester Riders

Before major sporting events, music is used in arenas to create a desired atmosphere of anticipation, excitement and exhilaration. Consider this when creating the atmosphere: your enthusiasm for the Commonwealth Games – whether this be hyping up your employees and customers for the 100m sprint with an up tempo beat, or playing more casual ambient sounds in a busy office space with the TV on mute.

There are over 200 hours’ worth of live sporting footage to watch so, whatever you choose, remember to use music to influence the environment you want in your workplace.

Why do I need a music licence to play the Commonwealth Games?

You may already have a TV licence that allows you to receive the broadcast signal to the television within your business to watch the Commonwealth Games. However, this does not give you permission to play or perform the music within the broadcast (see our Summer Of Sports blog to learn more).

Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, permission is needed from the relevant copyright holders – those people who create music – in order to play or perform music in public.

TheMusicLicence gives you that permission, for virtually all commercially released music available.

So, this summer, make sure you are correctly licensed to entertain your staff and immerse your customers, from the opening ceremony to the final hurdle by putting the power of music in your business with TheMusicLicence.




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