Don’t score an own goal during Euro 2020 this June and July

Don't score an own goal

Is TheMusicLicence just “another form of tax”? In short, the answer is no, the fee payable for a music licence is not a tax.

The rescheduled UEFA Euro 2020 Championships are taking place in Rome this June and July. As lockdown restrictions are eased and pubs and bars can welcome customers back once more, as a venue owner or manager you may be considering how you can entice your customers away from the couches and home bars they have got used to over the last year, and into your establishment to enjoy the excitement of the match with other fans.

However, before you adorn your walls with the flags of the nations taking part, and offer deals on pints and burgers during the game, have you checked that your business is correctly licensed to be showing the games – including the music used as part of the TV broadcasts?

We have put together a quick guide to make sure there is no need for VAR in your pub during the big match.

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Know your licences

Obviously, a TV licence will be required to show the games to your customers. However, sports programming uses more music than people often realise, such as in the opening and closing titles, highlights and featured sequences, as well as the advertisements during commercial breaks.  You’ll therefore usually need TheMusicLicence from PPL PRS Ltd if you’re using the television for showing sports and other programming in public.

Why do I need a TV licence and a music licence?

A TV licence allows you to receive the broadcast signal to the television within your business. However, it does not give you permission to play or perform the music within the broadcast.

Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, permission is needed from the relevant copyright holders – those people who create music – in order to play or perform music in public.

TheMusicLicence gives you that permission, for virtually all commercially released music available.

So, this June and July, make sure you are correctly licensed to entertain and refresh your customers, from the first national anthem right through to the final whistle!

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