Fall-back plan

Fall is back

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that time really does fly. One minute we’re making salads and looking forward to our summer staycation, the next we’re unearthing our thickest jumpers, planning Christmas menus, and stocking up the firewood in time for the colder weather ahead.

For most of us, being prepared is never a bad thing, especially when it means putting plans into place and getting ahead. But aren’t we forgetting something?

It can often be tempting to overlook Autumn and think of it as a sort of ‘in between’ season, especially when taking into account the unpredictable weather and frequent temperature fluctuations.

But, for many of us, it is the unique blend of warmer days and cosy nights that makes it even more enjoyable and one of our most beloved seasons.

A season to fall for

­According to a survey by the National Trust, around a quarter of British people voted Autumn as their favourite season, raising to 29% for 18–24-year-olds who voted it as their joint favourite season along with Summer.1

For the sun worshippers among us this may come as a bit of surprise, especially when thinking back to lazy summer days and warm, starlit nights, but it can be easy to forget about Autumn and all it has to offer – especially for your customers.

Think about how your regulars and visitors alike might enjoy cosy evening drinks around a roaring fire, or bonfire displays and toffee apples. How about savouring fresh seasonally inspired dishes and hearty cooking?  And, of course, donning their favourite fancy dress ready to take part in spooky Halloween celebrations.

Such occasions (just as any others throughout the year) are not only something to look forward to for many people but are also an essential part of the Autumnal experience – so it’s important to celebrate them, and even more importantly, make them memorable.

Falling into place

This may mean hosting quiz nights or other themed events to give your customers the chance to socialise during colder, darker evenings, adding to your specials menu to allow customers to enjoy all the rich Autumn flavours, or playing music to create that perfect warming and welcoming space.

According to research by the British Academy of Sound Therapy, 81% of people agree that listening to music helps to make them feel happy, while 90% said that music helps them to relax.2

Playing music to your customers could help to lift the mood, boost the atmosphere and create a vibrant and appealing space. It could help to give businesses a fresh feel, make people feel more positive and help to create a comfortable and familiar atmosphere that people are looking for.

Just imagine your customers winding away the hours with some gentle melodies as they relax by a glowing fire at the end of a busy week or dancing the Halloween party night away to their favourite spooky hits! Whatever it is, playing music could help to set the tone, enhance the atmosphere and help to make people feel more engaged and upbeat.

Using music, especially live music and DJ sets could help to bring people together, create an environment that is more memorable and help to make any occasion more enjoyable. It could help to create a more relaxed atmosphere, give people a reason to go out and may be why the choose to visit your business over others.

When it comes to your staff, playing music could help to improve concentration and focus, especially during long hours and repetitive tasks. It could help to make staff feel more at ease, encourage conversations and lead to improved customer service levels. As the seasons change and motivation levels may dip, playing music could help to provide an added burst of energy throughout the day, ease stress and help to create a comfortable and relaxed working atmosphere.

So, whatever your plans this Autumn, music could help to create more than just a season to fall into but a season to fall for!




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