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In celebration of International Dog Day, PPL PRS alongside leading dog food brand, Tails.com explain more about the relationship dogs have with music.

Whether it’s organising sweep stakes, setting up the big screen, or stocking up on extra drinks …

Have you ever questioned if your dog were a person, who their favourite artist would be? Would they be a ‘Hairy Styles’ fan? Or perhaps they’d like a taste of ‘Motley Chew’?

We spoke to two dog experts to find out what they thought about the effect music can have on dogs and their owners, along with a little research of our own.

Music can ease anxiety and also aid recovery time after a stressful situation, but what about for animals? We spoke to Lead Veterinary Surgeon at Calder Vets, Natalie McQuire, about the effect music can have on the cats in her care, and how her surgery uses music to help with their recovery.

Top tips for the purrfect waiting room in your veterinary practice, help creating a calm & welcoming environment.

woman biting pencil while sitting on chair in front of computer during daytime

Four simple things that you can do to achieve deep focus, improve productivity and remain focussed in the workplace.

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Wellbeing initiatives are one of the best ways that an organisation can play a role in the wellbeing and mental health of its employees.

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