Hotels, B&Bs & Guesthouses

Whether you’re playing music in main reception areas, dining rooms, kitchens for your staff, or music and televisions in hotel guest bedrooms you’ll usually need TheMusicLicence for your hotel, B&B or guesthouse.

By obtaining TheMusicLicence you’ll be able to play PRS for Music and PPL music legally and enjoy its benefits whilst ensuring that its creators are fairly rewarded for their work.

Create harmony in your hotel with TheMusicLicence!

Music can be an important part of day-to-day life for many people and playing music for your customers and guests could help to lift that experience up from good to great.

Music could help create the ambience that you want in your business so you can set the tone, boost the mood and create a positive atmosphere. The right soundtrack could reflect both your customers and your staff. By learning which style of music heightens that ‘feelgood’ factor at different times, you could create a space which is as much known for its atmosphere as it is for its excellent service.


How is my music licence cost calculated?

To help you understand how much TheMusicLicence could cost for your hotel, B&B or guesthouse you can view the individual PPL and PRS for Music tariffs that may be applicable to you.

The cost of TheMusicLicence varies depending on the specific characteristics of each business, so please contact us for a quote. Before doing so, please ensure you’ve read our Music Licence Quote Checklist for each section that is applicable to you and have the relevant information ready so we can provide an accurate quote for your hotel, B&B or guesthouse music licence.

PPL PRS is a new company, equally owned by PPL and PRS for Music. It has been created to provide customers with a streamlined music licensingservice – TheMusicLicence – with a single point of contact to make it easier to obtain a licence to play and perform music in public. Previously, businesses, organisations and venues would have had to purchase two separate licences from PPL and PRS instead.

TheMusicLicence allows you to legally play and perform music in your business, including when it is part of the film exhibition and when it is used in other areas of your premises. If you play or perform music in your premises you will usually need TheMusicLicence. It will cover you with one licence for the use of virtually all commercially released music available, including millions of songs and recordings, from the most popular and well-loved music not just from the UK but also from around the world.

After deduction of our business costs, the licence fees we collect are distributed to those involved in making music via our parent companies PPL and PRS. They each have databases storing details of millions of musical compositions and recordings. Together with a wealth of information about which music is used, this enables PPL and PRS to determine fairly and efficiently which of their members to pay and how much to pay them.

How do I get TheMusicLicence?

Call us on 0800 086 8820

(8am-6pm, Monday-Friday)

Alternatively you can complete the online form and an adviser will be in touch.