Offices, Factories & Workplaces

Whether you’re playing music in the office, on the factory floor, the radio in the workplace or the on-hold system on your telephone, you’ll usually need TheMusicLicence.

Music can be used in different ways in offices, factories and workplaces.

You can play music legally and enjoy its benefits, whilst ensuring that its creators are fairly rewarded for their work.

Benefits of TheMusicLicence

Music has the power to turn an office into an auditorium, a meeting into a moment, a handshake into a harmony, or a factory into a fiesta. No matter what your industry, music could make your business better! 

How is my music licence cost calculated?

For a small workplace, TheMusicLicence could cost around 30p a day*.

To help you understand how much TheMusicLicence could cost, you can view the individual PPL and PRS for Music tariffs that may be applicable to your office, factory or workplace.

*An office or workplace using background music from radio, CD, MP3, or other digital devices with four employees or less, which is not audible to customers or visitors.

*Licence cost is based on 365 days for an annual licence cost of £110.64 (excluding VAT)

Quote checklist

The cost of TheMusicLicence varies depending on the specific characteristics of each office, factory or workplace, so please contact us for a quote. Before doing so, please ensure you’ve read our Music Licence Quote Checklist for each section that is applicable to you, and have the relevant information ready so we can provide an accurate quote for your workplace music licence.

1. Background music

  • Number of employees, working days and hours of operation
  • The areas where music is used, such as office areas, factory floors, waiting
  • Type of devices used to play music, such as radio, CDs, TVs etc.
  • The square meterage of each area where music is audible

2. Music on hold

  • Number of external lines

How do I get TheMusicLicence?

Call us on 0116 290 0525

(8am-6pm, Monday-Friday)

Alternatively you can complete the below form below and an adviser will be in touch.