Vet Music Licence

Stop the paws. It’s time to hit play!

Running your own veterinary or animal care practice is rarely a walk in the park. Often, you may feel like you are chasing your tail with the day-to-day procedures, which can leave very little time for other aspects of your business.

These days, creating a successful business isn’t just about providing a good service, it’s about the whole experience. The right atmosphere can help you to stay ahead of your competitors, motivate your staff and be why your customers choose your business over others.

That’s why music could be essential. Whether this is for creating a more welcoming environment for your customers as they enter your reception, helping to focus your staff while they conduct difficult procedures or, more importantly, easing the tension of the animals in your care so when they leave they are ‘fe-line’ fine.


Music & pet well-being

Pets that visit your veterinary practice may feel tense and while this is difficult to alleviate completely, you may be able to reduce the anxiety that they feel; including by playing music.

Music has the potential to calm pets and make them feel more at ease by helping to create a more relaxing environment. It could also help to preoccupy pets that visit your practice and make them feel more at ease as a result.

Since pets sometimes become stressed in strange or unfamiliar environments,
playing music in your practice could help to relax them by potentially creating a more domestic and familiar environment.

Not only this, but playing music could help to ease the workload for yourself and your staff as well. Calmer pets could be easier to handle making the whole procedure more straightforward which, in turn, could leave a more positive impression on your customers.

Music & customer experience

Although a visit to the vet is a stressful experience for pets; it can also be an anxious time
for owners too.

Playing music could have a similar calming effect on your customers as it does on their pets, and could help to make their trip to your practice more positive.

The right music could impact the perception of waiting time and possibly make it seem less than it actually is. Creating this kind of environment could help to relieve tension among owners and lead to a better overall customer experience.

Playing music could help to make your customers feel more welcome by creating a friendly environment. It could also define your business, enhance your brand and help to set you apart from your competition.

How is my music licence cost calculated?

The cost of TheMusicLicence depends on a number of factors, including your type of venue and how you use music in your day-to-day operations, whether that be for background purposes or other usages such as music on hold.

By obtaining TheMusicLicence you’ll be able to play PRS for Music and PPL music legally and enjoy its benefits whilst ensuring that its creators are fairly rewarded for their work.

Play background music in your waiting areas from just 80p* per day!

Background music in a waiting room

Starts from...
per day

Background music throughout premise

Starts from...
£1.32 per day

Quote Checklist

Background music

  •   The areas where music is used, such as in a café, bar or staff office areas
  •   The square meterage of each area where music is audible
  •   Type of devices used to play music, such as TV, radio, CDs etc.

Live events

  •   Number and capacity of live events held p.a.

Specially featured entertainment events

  •   Number, capacity, duration & attendance of specially featured events p.a.
  •   Number of karaoke sessions


  •   Number and type of jukeboxes in your venue (and name of supplier if rented)

Music Videos

  •   Number of TV screens music videos are played on

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Thinking about playing music in your practice and want to know more?

What is TheMusicLicence?

What is TheMusicLicence

TheMusicLicenceallows you to legally play music for employees or customers in your business through the radio, TV, other digital devices and live performances.
Learn more

Do I need a music licence?

Do I need a music licence?

If you use, play or perform music in your business or organisation, the chances are you need a music licence.
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Where does my money go?

Where does my money go?

After our business costs, music licence fees are distributed to all those involved in making music via our parent companies PPL and PRS for Music.
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How do I get TheMusicLicence?

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