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At PPL PRS, we pride ourselves on providing a streamlined music licensing service to make it easier for businesses to legally play and perform music in public.

Read our testimonials and reviews below to learn how TheMusicLicence has made a positive impact across various sectors/industries, ensuring that businesses enjoy the power of music while supporting artists and musicians.





"Music is the absolute soul of my Zumba business! Without it, I'd have no class!"
"We don’t just put on music with the greatest commercial gain, our programme spans local bands and community shows as well as touring artists playing folk, jazz, indie, rock, world music and other genres."
"We are a family run business, our regular customers are used to us dancing and singing daily whilst working, the customers children often dance with us."
"Music is the lifeblood of our club, it differentiates us from the competition and gets members to attend the club. Without music the club would simply cease to exist."
"Music definitely impacts the salon positively. It just gives it a good vibe."
"It’s all part of the atmosphere and all part of the flavour of the shop, we like to play the right music at the right time."
"We use music in both our soft play centre and pre-school. We are extremely passionate about having music played as the benefits are endless."
"Music in reception, helps patients mentally & physically relax prior to their treatment - which makes the clinicians jobs easier!"
"Music is vital to our workforce, its motives, relaxes and focusses the mind."
"Music is absolutely core because one of the reasons that people come to a Caffé Nero is because of the atmosphere, it feels good, they want to come in."
"We also organise an annual free music festival, which showcases local bands and provides an opportunity for music-lovers in the area to come together and get behind a fantastic live music event."
"We regularly turn our gallery into a tiny auditorium and put on intimate musical evenings featuring top performers in their fields, from folk, jazz, pop and classical."

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